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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. with a developing story. >> we were able to successfully capture haven't taken into custody. >> pam: right now. police are investigating exactly what led up a uniformed officer being shot.
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this is the second officer shot in oakland this week. undercover policeman was shot earlier in week. it happened in east oakland at 49th and east 12th street around 5-45 tonight. and that's where we find. kron four's jeff bush. he has been following this story from the very beginning and has the latest. jeff? >> reporter: they just finished wrapping up this investigation but it was completely different where there were two officers investigating a hit and run a car crash. during that investigation they heard som gunshots. they were going to find out what happens. when they went to find out, one of the officers
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>> pam: new at 11. had cancer and arthritis. >> this view from the san francisco will be officially unveiled and this is testing. >> this heartbreaking and yet heartwarming story of what i love the on its dog and its owner. this is le nnox a boxer who had cancer and arthritis because the dog was suffering and there was nothing more vets could do, his owner made the tough decision to put lennox to
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>> pam: new at 11. the chief operating officer of one of the hottest tech companies in the bay area.
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has resigned after being accused of sexual harrassment. keith rabois. the c-o-o at the mobile payment company, square. says, he is being blackmailed by a former lover who also worked at company. in a lengthy blog post, rabois says, he was contacted by a lawyer representing the accuser, who demanded quote- "millions of dollars". or a lawsuit would be filed. rabois decided to resign to save the company from any distraction which the lawsuit might bring. he admits it was a mistake to remain involved with the accuser, but maintain, the relationship was consensual. >> newly released numbers on the flu outbreak. show it is declining in some areas of the country. but here in california --- the threat is on the rise. the centers of disease control and prevention examined data from last week. a total of 47 states reported "widespread" geographic influenza activity. that's down from 48 last week. the report also found high levels of influenza- like illness in 26 states -- a decrease from the 30 reported last week.
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also. it found cases where we are. in the southwest and northwest were rising. but levels seem to be declining in the south, southeast, new england and the midwest. and new at 11. >> this is the latest from the cdc. california has high flu activity minimal flew take a look at that the levels of intensity. for the month of december. actor
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burt reynolds is in intensive care in a florida hospital. he is being treated for symptoms of the flu. the 76-year-old actor went to the hospital after becoming dehydrated. he was eventually transferred to the i-c-u. his representative says, the actor is doing better now and expects to be back in a regular hospital room soon. >> jacqueline: saturday towards sunday we are going to see temperatures decreasing as the cool air comes in. the satellite ever stand ritter, with the high clouds and the storm to the north. the satellite & -- radar. for there is a possibility of showers. this body pattern with the
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creasing for the later morning hours. clear conditions to the north bay. we are going to see mostly sunny skies for most of the day. but it will be cooler. by 9, still some cloud coverage but also most recently. the afternoon highs will be about 10 degrees cooler than today. upper kitties for the most part. some inches of accumulations' expected as
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we go towards next week warm, dry weather. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> this is a nice green grassy lawn located in the inner sunset section of san francisco and who doesn't like green grass unless it's fake green plastic grass yuck, anyway for years people have been doing something that the city wish they wouldn't its paving over their front lawn to make room for more parking, and i do understand parking is always at a premium in the city by the bay. but in 2002 the city passed an ordinance that prohibits homeowners from replacing the grassy areas with concrete part of the problem is when it rains the runoff get absored by the ground, but with concrete the water has nowhere to got so
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overwhelms the storm drains stand up at 22nd and irving almost 90 percent of the entire block has been paved over in violation of a san francisco ordinance this driveway was paved over yet get this. they painted the concrete green, and just think they almost fooled me this homeowner did the same thing, except they place these nice planter decoration, yup that with absorb lots of water now many of the people i spoke to told me the concrete was there long before 2002 well according to the san francisco planning department if that is the case you are grandfather in if you can prove it however if you cant and someone turns you in get ready to fork out 500 big ones if you don't correct it in 90 days and 250 big one every 30 days after, so far they have had 163 conplaints and 95 have been resolved since the enforcement is complaint driven you can submit one anonymously and the city will get right on
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it but remember the greenery is what makes san francisco special not all this concrete in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news still ahead 49ers coach jim harbaugh reveals his message to the team. plus. it was quite a night for one lucky fan in miami. gary has those stories, plus warriors highlights, next! ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke.
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the 49ers final major
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workout before leaving for new orleans toomn place today. 49ers practice today colin kaepernick and the 49ers on the practice field todaythey depart sunday morning for new orleans kaepernick says he spoke with steve young recently whose advice was, to "just keep going"
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justin smith will play through his torn tricep tendon - he was pretty effective in the niners nfc championship win over atlanta here's coach harbaugh on his message to the team: as the power of the internet grows and grows.this may be the most talked about supere bowl in history. kaepernick most bet on colin kaepernick may become the most bet on player in super bowl history, or so says vegas insider jimmy vaccaro a couple of reasons: kaepernick played in reno so people in the state can't wait to bet on him. plus, he's a quarterback who is also a great runner all this means that there could be up to 20 different prop bets on kaepernick one bet with a pretty good return on it: will kaepernick throw for 300 and run for 100
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as i speak to pam is so nice to see that she still cares about her appearance just two minutes before a friday. pal [laughter] when you are repeating the same thing over and over. i would like to continue this is so look last hour. >> the media can muster some stuff of next week. >> gary: they do, pam. they killthank-you. and the warriors in chicago. sexual charges will not be filed against michael crabtree.
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russell baze 50,000 mounts russell baze achieved an amazing milestone today when he mounted his 50,000th fields the 54 year old baze won his first three races today but finished third in the 50,000th race of his long baze has won nearly 12,000 of the 50,000 races he has been in he has covered some 43,000 miles which is roughly equivalent to traveling two times around the globe along the equator. eruzione selling jersey from the miracle on ice will sell his hockey stick and his jersey. >> and good night, y

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